Team-Groen naturisten B&B

The nature of the beast

Naturist Bed and Breakfast. With our sustainable ideas, we try to do our bit to reduce waste and relieve the environment.

Our mission to design the B&B sustainably while continuing to develop in luxury.

Bath and bed linen : Eco duvet cover sets are all of the best and most beautiful quality, made of wonderfully soft cotton or linen. It is 100% organic, so completely clean and non-toxic. The cotton eco duvet cover sets are made by small cotton farmers. They work non-toxic and receive a Fairtrade premium on their products, so that they can build a future for their family.

We only work with laundry and cleaning products that are ecological and safe for the environment.

For example, certain components such as polycyclic musk compounds, synthetic dyes and fragrances, or phosphates, depending on the label, are not allowed. Instead, we use natural raw materials. Our guests are encouraged to use the towel several times, these can be dried on racks that are offered to both rooms.

The dryer is only used in wet and winter periods, otherwise the laundry is hung "old-fashioned fresh" on the line. The water that is collected from the dryer has a new destination, in the iron and as soap/mop water.

Showering is done on water that is heated by an ecological heating system. By means of solar energy and the pallet stove, the entire Bed and Breakfast is heated and equipped with hot water.

The jacuzzi is heated in this way, the herbal bath and the outdoor massage shower.

The sturdy plastic bags in which the granules are delivered are reused as garbage bags in the

Bed and Breakfast and private.

The energy system and power supply is switched on at fixed times via a time switch, the lighting in and around the Bed and Breakfast is also all LED.

Cooking is possible in both suites on induction, so we do not use gas in the Bed and Breakfast.

Breakfast is served in multifunctional cooling dishes, bread in sealed bread storage boxes, confectionery and drinks in glass bottles. We try to create as little residual waste or waste as possible by

2 types of breakfast services to offer.

Shampoo and soap is offered in a refill dispenser, soap & shampoo block is also shown for sale in our small Ibiza shop. These soaps are made entirely from natural products without the addition of, for example, palm oil and are good for more than 25 hair and washes.

The entire filter system of the water wellness is connected to a sand filter before the water goes through the sewage system. For this we have made a completely wooden terrace from recycled old scaffolding planks.

In order to retain the heat in a natural way under the roof, we have opted for screens made by the Veranda Sailing specialist with large windows to let the sunlight in, for natural heat.

The ventilation takes place through the cracks of the scaffolding plank terrace.

In and around the Bed and Breakfast you regularly come across nice, beautiful and separate consumer items or decorations, these are all obtained through a reuse channel. We pimp them up so that they fit nicely into the design.

Our fruit, spreads, groceries for hot meals, Live Cooking or BBQ come from the Flevoland region and are delivered via the main office of Delicious & Fair. It saves us many miles for groceries. Our guests can also use this service if they stay longer than 2 days. Delivery from Tuesday to Friday ordered before 12:00, delivered in the afternoon. http://www . .

If we are short of something, we have the great supermarket at the park.

In this way we help local farmers and prevent waste.

*A lot is also done at Flevo-Natuur naturist park to relieve the environment, so you can dispose of your waste separately for free, and only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used here.

In short, Naturists are committed to each other and certainly to the ENVIRONMENT

That is the nature of the beast.