Corona measures B&B

  • From 26-11-2021

  • We are not anxious, nor do we believe in all kinds of theories, but simply use our "common sense", but as entrepreneurs we have to stick to the measures and continue to think about your and our health.

  • Hold 1.5. meters away, no shaking hands on arrival, you will receive a personal explanation about the working method in and around the B&B.   

  • You can book the following options for the time being until mid-January 2022:

  • Solo Tú only you and your partner, QR code is desirable but are you not vaccinated, nor did the test? No problem, we keep 1.5. m away and wear a mouth cap. (please specify when you make your reservation)

  • Or you may have already had corona and have been declared cured.

  • The family or 55+ package up to 3-6 persons :  each participant is in possession of a QR code or PCR/antigen test  not older than 48 hours. Or a health statement that you have had corona.

  • Massages and treatments are performed by us with a mouth cap.

  • We are both vaccinated and we test ourselves if we have cold complaints.


  • Prevention is better than cure, we say. #liefvoorelkaar #zorgvoorelkaar

  • You are not allowed to receive visitors, not even friends who are already staying at the park.

  • The location is cleaned extra daily outside and ventilated in the roof.

  • The linen and the rooms are prepared with great care before arrival, preferably on departure  collect the laundry, bathrobe and bed linen in the laundry basket outside, open windows and doors on departure.

  • Please bring your household waste to the free waste containers of Flevo-Nature, which can be found at the back of the large parking area, bottles and household waste can be deposited separately. 

  • After each departure, a thorough cleaning follows and the rooms remain in ventilation before we welcome new guests.  

Stay healthy, think of each other and us. 

Corona measures Flevo-Nature
      Mouth cap mandatory in the reception

  • Mouth cap mandatory in the supermarket

  • Mouth cap mandatory in the library

  • Showing a valid corona ticket (from 13 years) with proof of identity is required to enter the indoor and outdoor swimming pool or saunas.

  • Reservation and check required to attend an infusion. For the time being with a maximum of 16 guests per infusion

  • Swimming pool and indoor and outdoor sauna. QR code or pcr/antigen test proof

  •   H oreca inside,  QR code or PCR/antigen test proof  to show.

Due to these measures, Flevo-Nature is obliged to have supervision at the swimming pool.
This means that the opening times of the swimming pool and saunas have to be adjusted. Keep this in mind.