General terms and conditions of Naturist Bed and Baths (De Buizerd 11)

We wish you a warm welcome at Naturist Bed en Baden in Zeewolde and request you to familiarize yourself with these general terms and conditions.

These general terms and conditions come into effect when a reservation is made.

main guest.

The person who has made a reservation at Bed & Baden through a booking request, contact form, e-mail or telephone contact.

The lead guest must be 18 years or older and is responsible for his or her fellow guests and must have a permanent residence or residence. Travel insurance and liability insurance.


The person acting as owner of Naturist Bed & Baden on behalf of the owner of
  Bed and Baths manages. Jerry and Ilse 

Third parties.

Anyone else who is not yet a guest.

Contact & Reservations.

Directly through:

Cancellation. see  point 4.

Revocation or dissolution of the definitive reservation within the applicable term.

You must take care of a cancellation and/or travel insurance.

Refund, voucher see point 4

The entire period between check-in and check-out.

Contact details.

Naturist Bed & Baths
  (formerly naturist B&B)

Jerry and Ilse Visser

Wielseweg 3 BU11

3896 LA Zeewolde


  http://www.naturistenbedenbreakfast.com or  www.bedenbreakfastdebuizerd.com 

E-mail :

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We take good care of your data and privacy

On May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. This is a new European Union privacy law. The law was due for renewal, because the technological possibilities and the (online) data traffic have increased enormously. The purpose of this law is to improve the privacy of individuals. So yours too!

Proper handling of your personal data

The GDPR entails more and different responsibilities for organizations that work with personal data files. This also applies to other parties to which we outsource work. We cannot do our job properly without collecting and processing your personal information. However, we only collect personal data that we need for this.

In the privacy statement below you can read which data we collect, why we do this, and how long we keep this data.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) monitors compliance with privacy legislation. The AP stands for the fundamental right to the protection of personal data. The AP provides a lot of information about the GDPR on their website. For example, view the general information about the AVG or the AVG in a nutshell.

Privacy statement version: May 28, 2018

Your privacy is of great importance to us. We therefore comply with the privacy law. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always use it properly. In this privacy statement we explain what we do with information that we learn about you.

If you have any questions, or want to know exactly what we keep track of you and why, please contact us.


1.Naturist Bed and Baths  (The Buzzard)  



Naturist Bed & Baths
  #The Buzzard  is described on the websites






These websites are  compiled with the greatest care, but there may be differences between the text and/or photos presented on the website and the current situation at the time of the visit by our guests.

No rights can be derived by the guests from such differences.


All rooms are suitable for two people.

They are equipped with a refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities, cooking facilities, television, free wifi, netflix.

*Children up to 16 years old are not allowed to stay alone in the B&B or jacuzzi and garden.

You must be present at all times and are responsible for their well-being.

To guarantee the peace and privacy of our guests, you are not allowed to invite unpaid visitors to the B&B.

Of course you can meet at the cozy catering industry, if your visitors also want to swim or to the sauna, they must purchase a day card at the reception of Flevo-Natuur. 

Unfortunately, you cannot bring pets, for reasons of hygiene.


On the day of arrival, the rooms are available from 3 p.m. and you can visit us until 8 p.m.

On arrival you must register via whatsapp, telephone number 06-11882847.

Arrival times are approximate times, but if you arrive much later, you can receive a key safe code via email or whatsapp after consultation with the owners, so that you can receive the room key. This code is changed after each using guest.
If you cannot be present at the specified time, please let us know as soon as possible.

In connection with the cleaning of the rooms
  you must vacate it before 11 a.m. on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed. When you leave the B&B, you must empty the fridge and deposit your waste at the free waste container in the central Flevo-Natuur parking lot, which is located at the back of the Flevo-Nature containers.     You can deliver the waste separately here.


The pre-booked breakfast can be served between 08:00 and 10:00 in the B&B at the outdoor bar, you are requested to clean the kitchen and kitchenette after use at all times.
In nice weather there is the opportunity to sit outside in the garden
  to have breakfast.

Different times for breakfast are only negotiable in consultation with us.

Do you have special wishes for breakfast,
  gluten-free, low-salt, vegetarian etc.etc, please indicate this when you make the reservation with us. For this we ask an extra surcharge per person, depending on your wishes.

It is
  possible to reserve this on arrival.

  1.5  House rules. 

The Flamingo suite and Romantico suite of the Bed & Baden both have private sanitary facilities and cooking facilities.

You are only expected to observe the 1.5m measure in the central entrance to both suites.

You have  use of a private area in the garden, linked to your reserved room.

(* one-time service costs required)

At the Bed & Baths the rate includes use of park facilities Flevo-nature, bath towels and bathrobe, jacuzzi, plunge pool, final cleaning suites.  In connection with the environment, we ask you to take into account the provision of the laundry. Do you want clean towels, you throw  towel in laundry basket, the towel can be used again, take it to your room.  The suites have outside racks to dry the towels. 

The water wellness is used according to the idea of the public sauna, when both suites are occupied you are expected to give each other the space of wellness. We make the water wellness daily  clean and master water quality control.

Do not leave towels or clothing, private belongings in the wellness area.

Use pillows in your private lounge garden, you are expected to bring them inside or put them away dry in the accompanying boxes every evening. 



When you make a reservation, you pass on your license plate number to B&B De Buizerd.

  The car is then recognized via the central system of Flevo-Nature.

You can then go through the barrier on arrival and departure. At the Bed en Baden there is a small P on the left, you are requested to park the car there to unload the luggage. Not  in the grass around the B&B. 

The car must be parked on the central P site of Flevo-Natuur Park and is entirely at your own risk. After unloading, you must take the car directly to the central parking lot, the park is car-free.


For rent

You can rent E Bikes bicycles for € 20.00 per day per bicycle via the B&B, indicate this in advance with your reservation, we will ensure that the bicycles are ready for you. You must be in possession of third-party liability insurance.

You can rent a scooter for € 20.00 per day through the B&B. Please indicate this in advance when making your reservation, and we will ensure that the scooter is ready for you. You must be in possession of third-party liability insurance.


Upon arrival, the manager of the B&B will first inform you how the rooms at Bed
  & baths are available and usable. Such as, entrance, toilets (sani broyeur) bathrooms, garden and use jacuzzi.

The outside area also has partitions for common and private use, it is very much appreciated not to enter the private areas.

2. Prices.


The prices of the rooms are described on our website

Or through other booking channels.

Price structure:  towels, bed linen, water and electricity, park facilities. (*service fee)  all additional rates are described under surcharges. 

The price may vary due to special discounts, guest requests, season period and annual inflation.


Prices of Bed & Baden are without obligation and are subject to interim changes.

Early arrival or extension of the room is possible in advance in consultation with the manager of the B&B.

In terms of price / payment / cancellation / reservation, check-in and / or check-out, different conditions apply.

Then inquire with your hostess or host.

All entries on our websites are deemed to have been provided in good faith and are always subject to interim adjustments.

Naturist Bed & Baths De Buzzard
  is not bound by obvious errors on its websites.

Bed & Baden De Buizerd is not liable for changes related to the policy of

Flevo-Nature regarding swimming pool, sauna, covid-19 measures. 
3. Reservation and payment.


Reservations are made per reservation form via the website:


After a reservation request has been made, you will receive a message from us as soon as possible with the relevant information and whether the desired room is still available for you. Any adjustments in amounts will be filled in by B&B. For example with discount promotions, arrangement, voucher, early arrival or extension, etc.

You must check and confirm these details within 24 hours by returning the email to
naturistenbedenbreakfast@outlook.com  or otherwise confirm in writing.

If both parties have confirmed the reservation request, the booking becomes final and the cancellation conditions apply.

If we have not received a confirmation email from you after 12 noon, or at least 50% of the deposit, the reservation request will be canceled immediately. This is to avoid disappointment for our other guests.



After confirmation from both sides, you must transfer the (down) payment immediately, being fifty percent (50%) of the total amount, to bank account number:
  NL95RABO0331193302 in the name of Bed and Breakfast De Buizerd, stating  room name and reservation date. Or via the other booking channels.

*Exception of special events, festivals, last minute, 1 day stay.
  You must pay the entire amount in advance, immediately after the reservation.

You can also pay the "remaining" outstanding amount via a payment request from Rabobank.

In the unlikely event that nothing has been received after the agreed term, the reservation made will be canceled immediately.

You will receive a confirmation of cancellation from Naturist Bed & Baden De Buizerd.


Discount or Gift voucher.

Gift vouchers or discount vouchers must be redeemed within 1 year of the invoice date or set a pre-planned date within the year of the invoice date.

The gift voucher can be transferred to a third party.

The discount voucher is not transferable to a third party.

The cancellation conditions apply to berth vouchers and no-show or cancellation.

4. Cancellation Policy.

  Travel and cancellation insurance  to block: 



I advance someone, inform your insurance how it handles the COVID-19 cancellations!
When a definitive reservation for the Bed & Baths has been made and confirmed, the following applies to cancellation of that reservation:

You indicate in time in the cancellation email why you want to cancel. 

We try to think along with our guests at all times, but we also have business expenses in the event of a cancellation. You can first try to sell the trip to someone else (third party with the approval of the naturist Bed and Baden) or we can offer a voucher equal to the booked period.

Refunds subject to certain conditions. 

Money back (refund) via cancellation is only possible in the event of a death or hospitalization by a guest who would stay with us in the first degree.  


Bee  a cancellation, we ask for the travel insurance information from you, so that we are covered for the suffered 

damage from your cancellation.  You have travel insurance and it can handle it with you and us.



  COVID-19 Cancel

If it concerns a corona cancellation, we and your insurance need negative travel advice from your doctor or otherwise legally entitled.

Valid proof that you are positive  have been tested (PCR test) or someone else from your family (you are going into home quarantine) which means that you are unfortunately not allowed to go on holiday for a maximum of 10 days  before arrival date.

-        In the event of cancellation due to COVID-19, you must also be able to submit a doctor's statement with your travel insurance.

Try to offer the trip to a third party first or request a voucher.  

* Cancellations 5 days or less before the arrival date will incur a cancellation fee


-         In case of cancellation due to COVID-19 

* 6 days to 9 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 75%.

_        In case of cancellation due to COVID-19 

*  10 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 50%.  


With an existing  or new  negative  countries "travel advice"  is it your responsibility of booking , do you have  reserved but  you come upon reflection rather not, but you are not sick,  then the costs are usually for your account.

  Normal Cancel :  * try to offer the trip to a third party first or request a voucher.  

-         If canceled more than 1 month  (30 days) in advance  25%  cancellation fees

        Cancellation from  29 days to 10 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 50%.

        If canceled from 9 days to 6 days before the arrival date, the cancellation fee is 75%.

        If canceled 5 days or less before the arrival date, the  cancellation costs 100%.

In order to be eligible for a refund of the paid amount, you must notify us of the cancellation as soon as possible by e-mail. Do not forget to immediately contact your travel insurance, which can confirm the cancellation to us. After consultation, the amount minus cancellation costs will be refunded.
In case of early departure, regardless of the reason, no refund will be made, cancellation costs will also be owed if you do not show up. (no show)



Naturist Bed & Baden De Buizerd can cancel the reservation agreement in the following cases: in case of misconduct in and around the B&B and in the park, force majeure, natural disaster, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, death of the owners or family, hospitalization or unannounced sale/ bankruptcy.


*Must reschedule the trip by means of a voucher, if the owners have a special reason  indicate or yourself  have Covid-19.

In one of these cases, the owner will provide the guest with an alternative offer as soon as possible.

If this is not possible or if the guest does not accept the alternative offered, the full amount will be refunded, if possible.

In case of misconduct (provocative behavior or drug use) at the B&B, towards other guests or in the entire park, you are requested to leave the B&B and the park immediately.  

Any other damage as a result of the cancellation will not be reimbursed by the owner.

5. Complaints.


We try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Despite our good care, it is still possible that you have a complaint or comment.

In order to be able to solve this properly, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible on site, by e-mail or by telephone.

6. Liability.


Bed & Baths The Buzzard
  can not be held liable for overall damage suffered by the guest or third parties as a result of the stay in Bed en Baden De Buizerd, the guest indemnifies Bed & Baden De Buizerd against all claims in this regard.

Bed en Baden De Buizerd is not liable for malfunctions in and around the accommodation, such as disruptions and failures of power, WiFi, water supplies and technical installations, as well as construction and/or roadworks that have not been announced or have been announced untimely in the vicinity of Naturist Bed & Baden.


Bed & Baden De Buizerd accepts no liability for loss, theft, damage or personal accidents caused to persons and/or goods during or as a result of the stay of
  Bed & Baths.

6.3  Damage, cleaning and breakage.

The lead guest named in the booking confirmation is responsible for an orderly course in and to observe the Bed & Baths and the park regulations.

  *Download park regulations via http://www.flevonatuur.nl.

The property of the B&B must be handled with care, the B&B must therefore be left tidy and decent.

After each guest there is a check of: work functions of all equipment in and around the B&B.

You move into your suite with working and controlled equipment and toilets.  

* Flamingo suite has a SANIBROYEUR toilet, read the detailed description before use.  

If it turns out that something is not functioning properly, report this immediately. (within half an hour after arrival)


* After each guest, a major cleaning of the entire b&b location that has been rented out follows. 

If you do find something that is not clean, please report this immediately. (within half an hour after arrival)

This applies to the use of the Bed and Baths such as:  the toilets, the kitchen, the living room (common space), the indoor-outdoor space and the outdoor area of Bed en Baden.

If after check-out it turns out that things have been left dirty or broken and this has not been reported to the owner, then the invoice will follow for the extra cleaning, repair and/or replacement costs incurred.

Damage caused by the guest : Major repair and/or replacement costs must be immediately reimbursed by the guest to the owner at his first request. A usage check always follows after check-out, so you can always be notified afterwards in case of damage to the rooms you reserved.  


It is not allowed to have intimacies in the public areas. This includes the garden, all wellness baths, at the B&B and in the park.  You can be held accountable for this.  


music is fun,  take into account the other guests if it is disturbing you are requested to mute the music. 

7. Safety.


For your own safety and that of the
  B&B it is forbidden to smoke or use open fire inside the B&B.

Smoking is only allowed in the garden, not under cover or in the pools. Around the B & B you are requested not to deposit ashes or smoke waste in the garden or waste bins. There are ashtrays in the garden.

The misuse of fire / extinguishing agents / smoke detector / carbon monoxide / alarm / stove or disabling is not allowed.

The sustainable and ecological stove in the living room of the Romantico suite must be filled with pellet pellets by the guests of the Romantico suite. 

The stove's setting panel must not be operated by guests. The settings of the stove and the hot water system are crucial and set in such a way that your safety is not compromised.


(The CVs in the rooms and linked areas can be turned on and off according to your wishes)


Other facilities must be used with care and in accordance with the destination by the guests of the B&B.

The safety of any (small) child must be guaranteed by the parents or supervisors.

Then think of the  -  jacuzzi, surrounding highways, playground, swimming pool, sauna, play pond, or during events.


Children up to the age of 16 are not allowed to stay alone in the b&b or use the wellness area without supervision.  

*COVID-19  provisions,  you are requested on arrival  to complete an overnight stay form at the Bed en Baden.  Furthermore, we use the same measures as those of 

Flevo-Nature see: https://www.flevonatuur.nl/measures-coronavirus

After one month, this data will be destroyed with  eye the GDPR. 

7.3  At departure:


You take your waste and empty bottles to the car park where it can be deposited separately and free of charge,  garbage bags are provided. The dishes are done by you on departure. (except the Flamingo suite, we do the dishes for you)

You may collect the bedding, pillowcases, duvet cover, bottom sheets.

Bathrobes and towels can be deposited in the laundry basket outside.  

You leave your suite as clean as possible.  


8. Final provision.


Insofar as not provided otherwise in the rules of private international law, these terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law. Non-Dutch speaking guests are deemed to agree with the general terms and conditions.


All disputes arising from the user agreement or these terms and conditions will be settled in the first instance by the competent court in the Netherlands, insofar as the rules of private international law do not provide otherwise.


None of the parties can transfer its rights and obligations to third parties unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions.


If and insofar as any provision in the user agreement and the present terms and conditions should prove to be invalid, the other terms and conditions will remain in force and the invalid article will be deemed to have been converted in such a way that it is brought into accordance with the apparent intentions of the parties.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know!


Jerry and Ilse Visser


Naturist Bed & Baths De Buzzard  - 06-11882847